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As Preschooler Educators, we :

Recognize the importance of individuality in each child and in encouraging independence.
Support each child with self-esteem by fostering a sense of self-worth, self-awareness and self-confidence during their stay with us.
Give each child optimum opportunity to experiment, explore and discover for themselves as much as possible in a safe, nurturing environment.
Facilitate each child in learning to develop wholesome relationships with others by providing understanding and guidance.
Stay sensitive to the needs and feelings of all our children and their families in our programme.
Believe in the children and shower them with love as they are able to sense it.

Strong bonding builds a sense of assurance, trust and a sense of belonging in us. Our children are our future. It is our duty to teach them well and let them enjoy their childhood fruitfully. It is our duty to instil the good values in their young minds. They need to learn the right from the wrong. A healthy mind and body are important assets to a healthy and happy life. It really matters most, if we can make a difference in a child’s life.

Our Educators

Branch Director Ms Jesselin Foo

Ms Jesselin Foo is the branch Director of Cherie Hearts @ Changi Business Park Pte Ltd. She was also running Cherie Hearts School House at Kembangan from September 2003 to July 2012 and the School House was awarded the Excellent Branch in 2009. Ms Jesselin is well known in building rapport with parents and children.

Branch Manager Ms Jojo Bosman

Ms Jojo Bosman has 20 years of working experience in the Early Childhood industry. She was involved in curriculum planning and helping to set up childcare centres. Ms Jojo also has experience working in a large organisation as a Centre Manager, helping to manage and improve infant and childcare programmes. She was overseeing both the local and regional childcare centres, as well as providing training for all the principals and teachers within the franchised centres.

Ms Jojo has lived and worked in USA for many years and recently returned to Singapore with her family. Before moving to USA, she was operating and running her own infant and childcare centres. Ms Jojo graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Early Childhood Education from University of Wales, and Honors from London College of Music & Media. She also has a Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education – Leadership level from University of Southern Queensland, Australia. Jojo is a firm believer that every child is an individual and should be treated with respect.

Our Services

Cherie Hearts @ Changi Business Park offers a whole host of services to cater to the varying needs of our parents and children.

Infant Care : 02 months turning 18 months
PLAYGROUP 1 : 18 months turning 30 months
PLAYGROUP 2 : 30 months turning 4 years old
NURSERY : 4 years old
KINDERGARTEN 1 : 5 years old
KINDERGARTEN 2 : 6 years old
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