We are happy with the development we have seen and the way the school has been very encouraging and patient with our daughter. She has really improved a lot and we can see that she enjoys being at school. We also like the way the school continues to involve the parents in many school events.

Thank you teachers.

Parent’s Name: Sheryl & Jesus Domingo
(Parents of Julianne Domingo)

We really see that our daughter is improving in her language skills, physical and socially since joining the school in January.
Thank you teachers!

Parent’s Name:Izumi Hasegawa
(Parents of Rin Hasegawa)

As always, Cherie Hearts never disappoints us. We have seen great progress in Alysha's physical, emotional and social skills. She can speak better English now and her choice of words surprises us at times. We are also impressed by her understanding of the Mandarin language, she is able to comprehend and understand what she has been taught and will try to teach us a word or two. Once again, keep up the good work Teachers!

Parent’s Name: Elis
(Mother of Alysha Qaisara)

Cherie Hearts has done and enormous and fantastic job in partnering with us in bringing up Paulo and developing his physical, emotional and social skills.

All the teachers are very supportive and caring. Thank you very much for your patience and dedication in assisting Paulo in his day to day development at school.

Keep up the good work.

Parent’s Name: Leslie
(Mother of Paulo Resultay)

We are very happy with Cherie Hearts. The transition from Changi South to Changi Business Park was very smooth. Elena has developed well and has clearly benefited from the environment at Cherie Hearts.

Parent’s Name: Matthew
(Father of Elena Wylde)

We are very satisfied and happy to see the level of engagement in the teachers with our daughter.

Appreciate your help in taking care of her.

Parent’s Name: Vivek
(Father of Thea Vivek)

We would like to say a big 'THANK YOU' to the caring teachers who believe and will continue to take care, educate and discipline our daughter.

Parent’s Name: Galvin Ho
(Father of Renee Ho)

Cherie Hearts has brought Hansh up well. Very pleased with the teachers and the program. The management and teachers are accessible all the time and often keep us informed on Harsh's progress. We are rest assured that all the teachers around are able to carry out their responsibilities. Thank you for taking excellent care of our son.

Parent’s Name: Priya Josyula
(Mother of Hansh Vermuri)

Thank you Teacher Mel, Teacher Sha and all other teachers for taking good care of Ishaan.

We are able to see a lot of improvement in him and he is now able to speak fluently, share with his other friends and enjoy his time at school.

Parent’s Name: C. Halash
(Father of Ishaan Halash)

I am so grateful to Anaqi's dedicated teachers.

He has grown into a strong individual and he never fails to impress us everyday.

We can never get to see a confident and well balanced boy without the help of his teachers.

Your passion and determination are appreciated. I really hope this partnership can strive and make Anaqi do better emotionally and intellectually throughout the rest of his K2 year.

Thumps up Teachers!!!

Parent’s Name: Zuhaila Samsuri
(Mother of Anaqi Taufiq)
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